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Church is so much more than a Sunday gathering. At Monument we believe in being meaningfully connected in the church community, and Small Groups are how we do that.

Small Groups are simply a smaller group of Christ-followers who meet regularly to hang out, discuss the most recent Sunday sermon, pray together, and do life together. Together we share meals, read the Bible, encourage one another, listen to one another, listen to God, worship, support each other, and seek to meet the needs of those around us. The ultimate goal for these groups is for each person to grow as a follower of Jesus within the context of God’s original design: community. 


For those looking to get connected to a group, we encourage you to feel the freedom to try a few groups as you search for the right one. Don’t feel the pressure of having to commit to the first Small Group you try. Our hope is to get you connected to a Small Group where you can meaningfully receive and invest. 


Our Small Group gatherings take place regularly (weekly or bi-weekly), but each group finds their own rhythm. Please click the link below to view all the various small groups and their details (day, time, location & regularity).

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